Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Holidays are over :(

Hi all. So, first blog back after the holiday’s... I’m feeling the need for a somewhat subdued article rather than the usual manic-ness (you can tell I study at University can’t you? :P) I'm gonna go and blame it on those January Blues, first couple of weeks back, that sort of thing.

Everyone have a good holiday? If you’ve been reading my other (all 2 of them!) blogs you’ll have seen that I was having a fair amount of difficulty with presents, the purchasing thereof in any case. Well, you may be pleased to know that I was actually able to pretty much hit the nail on the head with that one in the end, although if I’d managed it without quite so much of a hit to the wallet I’d have been a bit happier, but we can’t have everything. There was however a sliiiiiiiiiiiight issue with their location when it came to the actual day :P. The thing is, we were supposed to be moving the Thursday before Christmas – unfortunately it fell through, which is a whole different story entirely. This meant that all our stuff had been packed, and my Mum kind of...forgot which box my presents for everyone were in. As you can probably imagine, this lead to a few hilariously frantic hours spent rummaging through them all trying to find them – especially my girlfriend’s as (as I mentioned last time) she helped me with all the rest! Luckily I found them so crisis averted!

In other news...back to lectures last week, somewhat of a shock to the system after 3 weeks of lazing around. It’s amazing how everything just goes right back into full swing, like there wasn’t a break at all. It would be fine if it weren’t for the sudden cold snap! BRRRRRRR! Not liking that at all, my flat gets so cold!!

...It always feel’s surreal writing one of these...I swear I just sound egotistical talking to so many people about my life, it’s kinda like “I’m 21, how much can there be to write about?” Actually, that’s a topic for discussion I’d quite like to open. How many of you guy’s write blogs? What is it do you think that has attracted so many people – young and old – to the bloggersphere? Do you think it’s down to the optional anonymity of writing online? Since the birth of the Internet in 1982, the amount of “bloggers” has multiplied exponentially – has the ability to write about ourselves in an (more often than not) incredibly personal way led us express ourselves more intimately with others, without the real-world backlash of social segregation...

Anyway, just rambling now...until next time!