Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Blogging Responsibilities

Ok, so I have been seeeeeeeeeriously neglecting my blogging responsibilities and haven’t written one in about a month (I just checked...it’s been well over a month :S) – not good by anyone’s standards. I mean, how can I give any advice or info regarding University if I don’t write anything? So, here goes, blog number 4.

I think I’ve finally come up with a format for these blogs to work. If you’ve read my extensive back-catalogue of literary works online you may remember I wrote about the awkwardness of writing about my life for absolutely anyone to see. Well, because of this seemingly innate inability to “big-up” myself as all the cool kids are saying, I’m going to give myself a structure to make this work. And what is this I hear you cry? It’s this – from now on I’ll give a (somewhat) brief update on life in general, then one on my course/university in general. Finally, I would like to mention a couple of things from the world at large that has either piqued my interest or, for lack of an eloquent phrase, really (*$#%!)  me off. This could range over a wide range of subjects, so be ready.
And so, in the spirit of this new format, ME!!! So what’s happened to me recently, quite a few things actually. Yesterday I went to my first gig of 2012!! My girlfriend bought tickets to go see Scroobius Pip, one of the very few Hip Hop act’s that I actually enjoy – mainly as the lyrics are about more than “Bling and (*$#%!)”, which could end up being the focus of the end of this blog, because I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY? I digress. It was really good and surprising as I had only heard his collaboration with Dan Le Sac, who gives the songs a dancey/more mainstream Hip Hop feel. Turns out, his own work has a much rockier/harder sound to it...so right up my street! Bought the album, met the man – again – good night all round really!

In other news...I met my Dad’s girlfriend this weekend. Funny thing is that I didn’t even know he had one! Nor was I expecting to meet this mysterious woman, so when my dad rang me Saturday morning asking to meet up at some point this weekend I thought nothing of it and agreed to meet him Sunday lunchtime. So there I am, Sunday morning, waking up on a friend’s sofa bed, hanging soooooooooo far out of my proverbial rear-end from the previous nights’ frivolities, preparing to start the hour+ journey past my flat to the ExCel Centre, East London. Here I find myself suddenly lost in the midst of Comic Con-esq dress-up characters and Zumba enthusiasts, wading through the sea of people (and superheroes) to find my father. 

Upon finally finding him sitting at one of the many caf├ęs, he springs this fairly large bombshell on me. What’s worse is that I am still SO hung-over. She seemed really nice, friendly and took an interest etc. I did my best to be polite, still reeling. So yeah...good times :P The funniest thing about it was my dad’s apprehension, it was a complete role-reversal, me the judging parent, him the child bringing his first girlfriend back for (although we don’t like to say it, it’s what it is) appraisal. Another amusing thing is the fact that his new ladyfriend is also his Zumba Instructor...from Venezuela...and 9 years younger...anyone else smell (continuing) mid-life crisis? :P

In other news...MAAAAAHHHH!! When did uni work catch up with me?! And yes my punctuation in this blog is terrible, but it’s a blog, nothing academic about it. For the past few weeks I’ve been living in an ignorant bliss to the amount of work that was creeping up on me, leaving me in the sticky situation of having a research design and 2 presentations to do all for a single week. This week! But seriously, 2nd year is HARD. If you don’t put in the work and do your readings you will fail. At the moment we have a serious issue in our seminar’s as it seems that most people aren’t doing the readings, which means that when we come to having discussions within the seminars, only a handful of people, if that, can actually get involved, really lowering the insight offered by debate.

...I think that’s all for me this time, and I’ll be back soon =]