About Me

My name is Michael and I’m currently in my second year of the History and Politics undergraduate degree at the University of Greenwich.

About me...well, I was born in Melbourne, Australia, but that’s as far as that goes, no real family history there. My parents returned to the UK with me in tow when I was a year old, where we moved around a bit until finally settling in Surrey (posh I know...I live in a village, a village!).

Other than that I'm not sure what to say. I spent my teenage years loving science and maths, for some reason I just seemed to get it – although organic chemistry...what’s up with that?! So I studied Maths, Physics, Chemistry and History at A Level. Turns out I got my best grade in History, and so began the complete transformation of life-plans...and here I am.

So this is me, slowly toiling my life away in the ever more omnipresent, semi-sentient urban organism that is South-East London.

P.S: it’s not all that bad, honest! :P